Welcome to Seasons of Mackinaw

A Unique Year-Round Shopping Experience

A specialty shop that celebrates artisan made products and creates an atmosphere of tranquility.


Immerse yourself in the Splendor of the Four Seasons.

  • We offer Unique Products Inspired by the Colors, Scents, and Textures of the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.
  • From the timeless brush strokes of Original Paintings to the unique shapes and colors of Handcrafted Pottery.
  • Share a laugh at the whimsy of Folk Art or smile at the beauty of Handcrafted Quilted pieces.
  • Take in the lofty fragrance of Spring Lilacs or the unique scent of Blackberry Sage with our Michigan Made soaps and candles.
  • Our collection of Metal and Stained Glass leaves are visual celebrations all to themselves.
  • Home Décor, floral arrangements, handmade pillows, and themed linens provide something from the softer side.
  • We have assembled a variety of artfully creative and functional birdhouses from the finest of unique wood species.
  • Northern Inspired Wood carvings, and Distinctive Gifts also abound.
  • These carefully selected Unique products all share center stage here at Seasons of Mackinaw.

Available in Spring Available in Summer Available in Fall Available in Winter

226 E. Central Ave. Unit 7
GPS: 45.78128, -84.72818
Hours: Mon - Wed and Fri - Sun 11-8; Th 11-6
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