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If you have questions about how to participate in the tour or are interested in becoming a SPONSOR in the Lake Huron Discovery Tour, please email office@artownmichigan.org. 


Signs Available!

If you would like to purchase a Discover Me on 23 sign, they are available at your local Chamber of Commerce for $10. Send us a photo of you with your sign and we'll post it on Facebook!


2016 Sponsors...

Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan

Saganing Eagles Landing Casino

City of Alpena

Besser Foundation

Meijer Corporation

Michigan Backroads

Michigan Humanities Council

Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs

Alcona Health Centers

Thunder Bay Arts Council


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See you on US 23! - Lake Huron Discovery Tour Committee
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MACNE Updates

A Call to Action will be coming soon for the 2017 Lake Huron Discovery Tour! See below for 2016's Call to Action to read about things you can do to participate. See you in 2017! 


Columbus Day Weekend, Inclusive of Indigenous People’s Day:  October 7-10, 2016

Lake Huron Discovery Tour 2016




Dear Friends of Northeast Michigan -  

You could feel the energy in Northeast Michigan last October with the Lake Huron Discovery Tour, and we’re going to do it again with your help.   The second annual Lake Huron Discovery Tour along the US 23 Heritage Route and adjacent communities is set for the weekend of October 7-10, 2016.  

Locals and visitors are encouraged to chart their own course with a voyage of discovery based on areas of interest: bicycling or hiking on the Rails to Trails, ARTrail gallery tours, bird watching, fall color tour, the Wine and Hops Trail, history, maritime, lighthouses, or some combination of interests represented on the US 23 Heritage Route. 

lake_huron_discovery_tour_poster_92015_1.jpg Here are the four steps you can take to help!

1. Showcase your organization, event, or cause for the weekend


Put your organization and town on the map.  Begin planning an event, special offer, or rally for your organization, business, or cause during the Tour, and be prepared to schedule your event/activity by posting it on the Calendar of Events at www.us23HeritageRoute.org by May 30, 2016.  This provides the greatest impact to potential onlookers as the Tour is marketed throughout the state and beyond over summer months.  Help showcase Northeast Michigan as a destination of choice for families and adventurers while promoting the rich array of arts, culture, history, humanities and natural recreational opportunities of the region.  If your organization is not represented on the Heritage Route website, or you need help getting your events placed on the calendar, please contact Denise Cline at dmcline@nemcog.org for assistance, or consult this link to learn how to manage your own account.  You can always revise and update your postings on the website in real time as the plans develop.


2. Be creative


Be creative in interpreting the overall “Discovery” theme for your organization. Your event(s) should encourage visitors to plan a “voyage” based on your group’s areas of interest, whether it be hiking, ARTrail gallery tours, birdwatching, a color tour, the Wine and Hops Trail, history, maritime, lighthouses, or some combination of interests represented on the US 23 Heritage Route.  Think about the promotional potential for the region and your organization if we all market “Discovery” during a weekend-long extravaganza of activity in Northeast Michigan.  The Tour showcases the abundant natural, cultural and recreational treasures along US 23 as a tourist destination, providing opportunity for local communities, businesses and various causes along this scenic corridor to showcase what they have to offer locals and visitors alike. Together we bring greater attention to this part of the state – east of expectations where THERE’S MORE TO SEE ON 23!

3. Use social media to get the word out


Be sure to link the Tour, “like” us, and share on Facebook at Lake Huron Discovery Tour and US 23 Heritage Route for greatest exposure to the world around us.  Post your events and photos as the Tour approaches, and let’s work together to draw more attention to Northeast Michigan and all it has to offer.  Help promote your events and those of others, certainly the weekend as a whole, through your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media and traditional outlets of marketing.  Encourage locals and visitors alike to “chart their own course.” With such organization and marketing we can ramp up the volume regionally, statewide and beyond, highlighting the opportunity to discover Northeastern Michigan during Columbus Day Weekend!


4. Do you have your “Discover ME on 23” sign? 


Get one for your business or organization and join the fun.  Make sure to post a selfie, and show your pride in northeast Michigan.  Main point, help spread the word that “there is more to see on 23”!  COME DISCOVER ME ON 23!


5. Let people know! 

Let your city, township, and county officials and local media know that you want your community to have a strong presence in this year's promotional efforts!


The website at www.us23HeritageRoute.org is the key rallying point for the Tour, maps and calendar events, so check out the website for updated information about the Tour and how to get involved. 


A region-wide marketing committee is well on its way to building on last year’s framework for promoting the region and the Tour state-wide, and beyond, with a first-rate regional marketing plan to draw even more attention and visitors to Northeast Michigan while ramping up the enthusiasm and spirit of community locally. 

If you or your organization would like to become an official sponsor of the Tour and help the external marketing campaign, please contact us at 989.356.6678 for details. 

Thank you!


1. The MACNE group meets three times per summer to clean up the pocket park - ARTPark on Chisholm in dowtown Alpena.  Come check out the art and think about volunteering to help keep the park fresh.  Just send a note to our e-mail if interested.

2.  Another place to see what's happening in the arts community of Northeast Michigan is Sunrise Artists of Michigan at  www.sunriseartistsofmi.org Check them out too. 

3.  Remember to get this artownmichigan.org and the heritage23.com website listed as a link from your website.  It's all about cross promotion. Also, if you or your organization do not have a destination profile set up within the US23 Heritage Route and ARTown Michigan site, or even if you do, contact us to learn more about how to make the website work for you and your organization. It's free, and we would help you learn how to help yourself!

3.  SPONSOR an "ARTown Michigan SCRIM" FOR YOUR ARTown

If your organization or a local business in your community would like to sponsor a scrim like the one below in order to help promote the ARTown Michigan branding campaign, please contact MACNE at office@artownmichigan.org for more details. 

MACNE will provide $150 to each town interested in hanging a scrim like the one below along the US 23 Route.  See below for details regarding participation. 





Promotional/Marketing Campaign for "ARTown Michigan SCRIM"

1.       MACNE will help finance 9 scrims total along the US 23 Route similar to the one above

  • One (1) for each community along the US 23 Route:  Standish, Tawas, Oscoda, Harrisville, Alpena, Atlanta, Rogers City and Cheboygan, and Mackinaw.

2.       MACNE will fund $150 for each of the 9 scrims

  • Limited to $150 per community - the subsidy is justification for the ARTown Michigan logo/website address (reference to “in partnership with US23 Heritage Route” and local town name will be part of each new scrim)
  • Each scrim will be roughly 12x 16 for a total of about $500-600 
  • MACNE will subsidize $150, leaving $350-450 cost to raise per community

3.       Each community must do the following:

  1. Follow the scrim template above – revised per community
  2. Select the sponsor as header (“__?__welcomes you to ARTown”)
  3. Solicit the reminder of funds from the local sponsor
  4. Select the artwork to be included in the scrim
  5. Select design company and execute the set-up (MACNE can help)
  6. Select the size/scale of the scrim preferred
  7. Select the manufacturer of the scrim (MACNE can help)
  8. Secure and manage the placement
  9. Manage and execute the hanging process

MACNE has experience with creating and hanging 6 scrims in Alpena, so  just ask for help.  We are here to help make this happen.


  • Promotion of the interactive collaborative website
  • Build region wide identity on common branding
  • Highlight connection with US 23 Heritage Route
  • Utilize attractive imagery based on local art, artists,
  • Invest community and business sponsors
  • Promote art/culture as a driver of economic and community development
  • Present as art not advertisement
  • Present as framed artwork
  • Improve on blighted buildings and areas
  • Create an appealing sense of place
  • Perpetuate the model regionally
  • Put ARTown and Northern Michigan on the map



You can help keep this site updated by sending information about important meetings and grant opportunities, etc. to office@artownmichigan.org.  We'll get the information posted as soon as possible.

Please remember that this is a volunteer operation and your participation and patience are appreciated as we develop this unique tool for our collaborative efforts at cross promotion.  The site will be a constant work in progress, so stay tuned!

This page last updated on 3/20/2017.





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