Driving out of Alpena on Second Avenue, head northeast until you reach Ford Ave. and continue through the LaFarge cement plant and you'll come to this Bay. Stop along Misery Bay Rd. and walk to the Lake Huron shoreline.

There are several good sites along Misery Bay Road to park and check the bay. Birds of all species occur here. Bald Eagles roost on the point here along with Great Black-Backed Gulls, and Glaucous gulls. A pair of Piping Plovers successfully raised 2 chicks on a spit in this bay. TBAS members helped guard the nesting enclosure in 2002. Merlins also nest locally. Spits in the shallow bay provide nesting habitat and Thunder Bay Audubon Society has conducted a successful spring migration bird banding program along this bay for over 45 years.

Shorebirds love this spot! The parking is no problem here and scopes can easily be set-up to view the entire bay.


Source: Thunder Bay Audubon Society

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