Cedar forest with dwarf lake iris

Located at the east end of Misery Bay Road. The journey to this site will take you through the La Farge quarry and cement plant. Interesting sights, but watch for large trucks. Ford Avenue turns into Misery Bay Road outside the City limits.

El Cajon Bay

This recently established park has a series of hiking trails leading to a sink hole in Lake Huron. These trails and a Great Lakes fen offer a wide variety of wildflower viewing.  The mixed woods harbor a variety of nesting birds, including Black-throated Green Warblers and American Redstarts.

Coastal Fen

Roadside parking is limited, so make sure your vehicle is off the roadway.

Coastal Marsh

Source: Thunder Bay Audubon Society. 

Things To Do

Animal Viewing, Birding, Hiking, Plant Community Viewing, Plant Viewing

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