This Cheboygan City Park at the north end of Huron Street features Lake Huron shoreline, the mouth of the Cheboygan River, and a large cattail marsh with a boardwalk and observation tower. In the spring and fall, scan the river and open water for waterfowl and gulls as several rarities have been found here, including Brant and King Eider. In winter, look for Snowy Owl on the break wall and Bald Eagles patrolling the shore and River. In summer and migration, the gravel bars may be crowded with gulls and terns and a few shorebirds. Look over the willows along the parking lot and soccer fields for warblers and other migrants. Walk the boardwalk over the marsh and listen for breeding birds such as Sora, American Bittern, Marsh Wren, and Osprey. In winter, the river stays ice free and draws many waterfowl which can be viewed at close range.

Things To Do

Birding, Hiking, Parking, Picnicing

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