Bank Vault Door
Interactive Fragrance Bar
You make each day. No appointment.
Bank Ventilator 1923
Vault Entry
Free to public in shop
Mr. Maltz and history
Collection of  Piggy  Banks
Given out when savings accounts are opened
Curteousy of Besser Museum

Creative Artisan Mixes History, An Interactive Experience,  Unique Michigan Products, Bubbles and  More to create a destination shop nestled on the shores of Thunder Bay.  You won't want to miss this!

Visit an early 1920s Bank Vault while you shop for all natural beauty products, a unique Michigan gift, or make your own lotion or potion and view an artisan demonstration.  An interactive destination shop nestled in Alpena, Michigan,   Soaps and Such artisan and owner Kelly Bruning  gets creative in offering  shoppers an interactive experience with the fragrance bar where one can make their own lotion and potions for one-of-a  kind products as well as nail polish with sparkles  and more - daily - just drop in! Michigan themed products can also be found with soap tins, hand-designed jewelry and check out Defiance Shipwreck cologne for men sporting local shipwreck lure on the back of the box and the shipwreck itself on the bottle! Unique, hand-drawn images of Michigan landmarks and wildlife illustrated by the artisan's niece put that Michigan flair only an artisan can capture.  Take home a heart necklace with the Michigan Bridge, initialed and numbered with an artisan card.

 In addition, one can even step back in  time to visit the early 1920s bank vault in the back of the shop.  Kelly Bruning, the shop owner,  has turned the vault into an exhibit opened  to the public free of charge with old photographs, artifacts and history provided by the Alpena County Geroge N. Fletcher Public Library, artifacts on loan from Besser Museum (check out the old collection of piggy banks!).  One can even see an old Vault ventilator dated 1921 still on the wall of the vault and the mechanisms involved in the locking chambers to seal the vault.

In addition, one can schedule rentals of the cozy annex adjacent to the shop for friends and family visiting up north.  Want to  make a salt scrub?  Want to learn about hazards in the bath and beauty industry?  How about a birthday party where you make nail polish?  Or a private Ladies' Night out where your friends gather and create their own body spray or have fun making Whippies (think Fluffy soap that participants  scent, color and whip themselves - consider summer watermelon with poppy seed for exfoliate). 

This charming old world artisan shop is tranquil with bubbling fountains and the sound of birds chirping with down-home friendly customer service. And don't forget the old claw foot tub saved from a fire and restored by the artisan herself  which showcases the newest products created  by the artisan and mimics the shop logo.  Located on Second Avenue, downtown Alpena,  next to the State Theater.  One only has to look for the bubbles  that float through the air.  Yes...this artisan has fun with the bubble machine and bubbles can sometimes be spotted up to a mile away from the shop. 

Visit Soaps and Such in downtown Alpena.  More information about the shop is located on the Web site at  Large groups visiting should call first at 989-351-8856.

More Information: Soaps and Such
Created on Wednesday, May 13, 2015