Canoer's Memorial on the Au Sable Rliver
Fall color view at Canoer's Memorial

Canoer's Memorial is a site of historical significance in the county. Marathon canoe racing began in 1940, with a 240 mile race down the Au Sable River from Grayling to the mouth of the Au Sable in Oscoda. This race has been held annually since that time. In 1950, a monument was erected on the site to commermorate marathon canoe racing. This monument sits high above Cooke Pond, providing a breathtaking view of the river and forest landscape. A very popular fall color site.  Visitors can access the Highbanks Hiking and Ski Trail from this site.

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Birding, Cross-Country Skiing, Hiking, Scenic Viewing, Snowshoeing, Wildlife Watching

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5761 N. Skeel Ave.
Oscoda, MI 48750
GPS: 44.43582, -83.65162
Hours: 6:00 am to 10:00 pm
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