Located on the shores of Lake Huron just north of Alpena, Rockport has over 4,237 acres of land and a breathtaking view of Lake Huron at the deep water port and pier. Rockport, with a mix of terrain, is the perfect
spot with trails that go from rugged to smooth in this back-to-nature state park.

A boat launch is available, making Rockport fun to kayak and canoe, and is a great place to access Lake Huron for fishing.

If fossils are your thing, then this is the place to be! "Paleo Joe" conducts fossil expeditions at the quarry. Come out and bring your rock hammer!

There are 13 sinkholes located at Rockport as a result of the Karst topography of the area. One of the sinkholes is over 100 feet deep and filled with water from an underground aquifer.

Visit www.friendsofrockport.org.

Rockport Harbor
A great view of the Harbor. (Photo: Friends of Rockport)
Enjoy a hike in the 4,000+ acres. (Photo: Friends of Rockport)
Jumping off the pier!
Jumping off the peir! (Photo: Friends of Rockport)
Lake Huron
Lake Huron. (Photo: Friends of Rockport)
Fossils at Rockport
Fossil hunting at Rockport. (Photo: Friends of Rockport)
Kayaking at Rockport
Kayaking at Rockport. (Photo: Friends of Rockport)
Quarry at Rockport
Quarry at Rockport. (Photo: Brandon Schroeder)
Sparkling winter view of Middle Island from Rockport
Sparkling winter view of Middle Island from Rockport (Photo: Karen Pettalia)
Rockport Panorama
Rockport Panorama
Rockport shoreline
Rockport shoreline. (Photo: Friends of Rockport)

Things To Do

Birding, Boating, Canoeing, Cross-Country Skiing, Fishing, Fossil Collecting, Freighter Watching, Geocaching, Geology, Hiking, Hunting, Kayaking, Parking, Picnicing, Scenic Viewing, Scuba Diving or Snorkeling, Snowshoeing, Wildlife Watching

Available in Spring Available in Summer Available in Fall Public Restrooms Fee Required