Ship profile.
Ship profile.

GPS Location: N44°57.890' W83° 06.236'
Depth: 165 Feet
Wreck Length: 200 Feet Beam: 31 Feet
Gross Tonnage: 979 Cargo: Copper and iron ore, passengers
Launched: 1863 by Peck and Masters at Cleveland, Ohio
Wrecked: August 9, 1865


Description: The Pewabic ran from Cleveland to Lake Superior ports. It was two years old when it sank off Thunder Bay in a collision with the steamer Meteor. Steaming southward, it headed close enough to the Meteor to pass mail and news between the two ships, but the Pewabic unexplainably cut across the Meteor's bow making a collision unavoidable. The ship suffered a large hole in the port bow and sank within minutes taking at least 33 passengers and crewmen. Several attempts were later made to retrieve the valuable copper cargo, using diving bells, clamshells and dynamite. They left the hull intact, but all of the cabins were destroyed.


Photomosaic showing arch and salvage damage at bow.
Photomosaic showing arch and salvage damage at bow.

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Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary: Enjoy diving the wrecks of Thunder Bay, but always respect the past. State and federal laws prohibit removing or disturbing artifacts. Future generations are depending on us to leave historic shipwrecks intact. Please take only pictures and leave only bubbles.

The Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary maintains seasonal moorings at many shipwreck sites. Available from May to September, the moorings make for safer diving and also protect shipwrecks from anchor damage. Sanctuary regulations require vessels to use moorings when present.

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