Partridge Point, a 53-acre parcel owned by the State of Michigan, is located just south of Alpena. There are two two-tracks that extend off of South Partridge Point Road to parking areas.  The north two-track shouldn’t be attempted during the wet seasons, as the ruts are very deep and water-filled in places.  Partridge Point is excellent for birds of all species, and, at times during migration, is teaming with birds.  Black Terns, Marsh Wrens, Sora, Virginia Rails, and Blue-gray Gnatcatchers nest here. The lush land vegetation is loaded with poison ivy, so be forewarned!

Great Horned, Barred and Short-eared Owls, Mute Swans, Canada Geese, Vireos, Nuthatch, Wrens, Brown Thrasher, Gray Catbird, Warblers, Sparrows, Baltimore Oriole, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Blue Jays, Am. Crow, Common Ravens, Marsh Hawk, Northern Harrier, Black Terns, Marsh Wrens, Sora and Virginia Rails. Migrating Tundra Swans, Merlin and Peregrine Falcons, Sandhill Crane, Am. Woodcock, Belted Kingfisher and Bobolink can all be found in this area during spring and fall migrations.

Partridge Point is excellent for birds of all species, and at times during migration is loaded with birds. The lush land vegetation here is loaded with poison ivy, so be forewarned. The road is county owned and usually has light traffic so you can stop, pull off on the shoulder and set up scopes.


Source: Linda Klemens, Thunder Bay Audubon Society

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