Ford Avenue turn north onto Wessel Rd. and follow it to the large quarry on your right.

Dicksissel, Grasshopper Sparrows, Bobolink, & Eastern Meadowlark nest in this area and are easily spotted on fence posts. Ruby-crowned Kinglets, Northern Rough-winged Swallows & Cardinals were also found at this site. 3-4 varieties of Hawk (Kestrel, Merlin, Red-tailed, Rough-legged) kettle or post on the elevator and banks of the quarry.

WARNING, watch for heavy truck traffic. Also, this quarry is off limits to visitors so you cannot climb the fence. Even parked along the side of the road you can easily spot birds in the quarry and watch the heavy equipment if you choose).


Source: Thunder Bay Audubon Society

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GPS: 45.08365, -83.41048
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