The TERMAR's season starts May 1st out of Au Gres for Saginaw Bay's early walleye fishery. This is PRIME TIME to catch some of the bigger fish that are dropping back into the bay from their spring spawning runs. It's also not unusual to catch brown trout, lake trout, salmon and steelhead during this early fishery, as the water is still very cold in the bay. Dress warm for this early fishing.

June and July provide EXCEPTIONAL walleye action. The weather is warm and the walleye fishing is RED HOT! Limit catches of these scrappy gamefish are the rule rather than the exception. Smallmouth bass, big perch, catfish, freshwater drum, and northern pike are frequently a part of the days catch, often providing non-stop action. This is a great time to get kids interested in fishing, as they have little time to get bored! This is a busy time for us so try to book your trip as far ahead as possible.

August can also be a fine walleye month if the weather holds constant. However, once the hurricane season starts in the south, it really disrupts our northern weather was well, bringing lots of wind our way.

 No experience needed or equipment.

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