Wiltse's Hand-Crafted Ales and Lagers:

Blue Ox Stout, a very smooth full flavored dark beer made with oatmeal and roasted grains.
Premium Lager, our best-selling Pilsner Lager.

Paul Bunyan Ale, an amber-style ale with a pronounced malt and hops character, the malty body is properly balanced with the skillful use of Cascade and Kent Golding Hops.

Oscoda Rare, a specialty brew that changes with the season or perhaps the whim of the Brew Master.

Old AuSable Weizenbier, combines the substitution of wheat malt for half of the barley malts and a special strain of top fermenting yeast, to give this brew a slightly fruity overtone suggesting cloves and banana.

Sampler Platter, featuring a 4-ounce sampling taste of all five of our home brews!!

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