Wah Sash Kah Moqua Nature Preserve is on Bay-Arenac County Line Road, a few miles southeast of Standish. A former farming location, the 123 acres now provide a unique mix of grasslands and emergent wooded habitat. Nesting Northern Harriers are common, and a mature windbreak treeline is a combination of mighty oaks, cherries, and maples providing cover and food for a unique mix of songbirds. 

Many nesting Eastern Kingbirds along the south boundary of the main, central parcel often provide an entertaining show for visitors and flocks of Cedar Waxwings are omnipresent, along with the resident Eastern Bluebirds and Tree Swallows (there are many habitats along the trail network). Great Horned Owls nest on or around the property periodically, and Red-shouldered Hawks have been sighted here during migration. A fantastic road-end provides clear views to the Saginaw Bay shoreline for gulls, terns, and waders at the end of Bay-Arenac County Line Road. 

Things To Do

Birding, Hiking, Wildlife Watching

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