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New Line Genealogy

Genealogical research company in Northeast Michigan

New Line Genealogy, LLC is a genealogical research company headquartered just outside of Alpena at the Herron, Michigan farm of owner and professional genealogist, Matthew McCormack.


Matthew has over 25 years of experience researching, compiling and preparing family histories for clients and small businesses.  He combines the traditional practice of combing court houses, churches, libraries and public facilities in search of public records and historical documents as well as the current practice of researching and verifying digital records online. Client histories are then presented in print and/or digital format.


Matt also specializes in the archival preservation of family documents, letters, photos and keepsakes to maintain and preserve them for generations to come.


Matt’s own family genealogy extends back over 150 years to the Alpena and Hubbard Lake region of Northeast Michigan. Although he has researched all over the US, Canada and Europe, he specializes in Midwest and east coast-based research. Michigan-based research, in particular, is closest to his heart.


Inquiries are welcome. Matt is best reached via email or phone.

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Phone: 877-507-8350
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