Located within Alcona Chiropractic, AC Natural Foods offers the highest quality and highest potency nutritional supplements on the market.  In addition to carrying a complete complement of vitamins, minerals and herbs, we have on hand organic and gluten-free flours and cereals, organic rice and beans, organic essential oils and personal care items such as deodorants, lotions and soaps.


In addition, we also run the area's organic food co-operative where members can shop online and buy in bulk to have delivered to our store for pick-up once per month.  There are no fees to join the co-op and no obligation to order every month.


Located within Alcona Chiropractic at 445 S US 23, Harrisville (in the BP Plaza)

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445 S US 23
Harrisville, MI
GPS: 44.64364, -83.30474
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