Heading to Mackinac Island for the week? Planning a high-speed romp on the open waters of Lake Huron? A leisurely cruise or sport fishing on the scenic Inland Waterway? Cheboygan Village Marina is the perfect starting point for your adventure with quick and convenient access to these watery playgrounds.

If you want your boat in the water and ready to go when you are, our valet service is the way to go. And, we'll put it away at the end of the day - clean, dry, and secure.

Whenever you're not using your boat, it will be in a dry, heated, secure building. You'll never have to worry about the weather when your boat is stored in our 35,000 sq. foot dry stack marina. No need to winterize it, and when spring comes, you'll be ready to launch that first nice day in May.

Reasons to Keep Your Boat at Cheboygan Village Marina

  1. Responsive, on-demand launch and haul-out service
  2. Convenient staging area for boarding and provisioning
  3. Abundant parking and convenient downtown location
  4. Clean, new and 100% secure facility
  5. Exclusive, clean and new laundry, shower, heads, and lounge facilities
  6. No need for mooring cover and repetitive covering and uncovering with each use
  7. Equipment may be left unstowed and unsecured
  8. Reliable marine services offered, as needed
  9. Excellent departure point for cruising the most desirable Great Lakes destinations and the Inland Waterway
  10. Flexible scheduling—no last in/first out or first in/last out scenarios, forced launches or waiting typically imposed by other marinas
  11. Year-round customers eliminate need to plan logistics required to move vessel between dock and storage
  12. Protection!
  13. Protected from UV damage
  14. Controlled climate in summer and winter
  15. Protected from insects, birds, rodents and other nuisances
  16. Prevent bottom fouling, save high cost of maintaining bottom paint
  17. Keep hull, through-hulls, and bilge dry
  18. Preserve useful life of compressors, pumps, and batteries
  19. Prevent dockside galvanic corrosion from adjacent, improperly grounded vessels
  20. Protected from damage caused by extreme wind, hail, snow, and other inclement weather
  21. Protect against dock, fender, and line damage caused by wind, waves and wake
  22. Savings!
  23. Save truck, trailer and transport costs, and associated fuel, insurance, registration, and launch fees
  24. Save commissioning and decommissioning costs associated with winterization
  25. Easy maintenance—save haul-out costs, since the boat is already out of the water
  26. Great pricing and incentives for both Summer In/Out Valet and Winter Heated Storage
123 South Main Street
Cheboygan, MI 49721
GPS: 45.64237, -84.47815
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